Parenting 101 Video Course

What is 'Parenting 101'?

  • An easy-to watch (or listen to) video parenting course, created by an Emmy-award winning production crew!
  • The parenting course consists of 27 brief videos, ranging from 1 to 10 minutes. The total run time of all videos is 1.5 hours.

  • Each video contains “action steps” – things you can start trying with your child today!

  • Take it at your own pace! Only have 6 minutes? Watch one video today, then try that action step.

Are you ready to learn practical parenting strategies that work? 


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Parenting 101 Course

Learn the strategies used to create positive behaviors and establish new levels of trust and security in your connection with your child. With this course, you'll learn how to minimize meltdowns, improve your communication with your child, and you'll feel better about your parenting skillset.

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Parenting 101 Course is split into four modules (plus bonuses), that follow our A.R.C. Parenting Iceberg. 


5 videos that pave the way for the rest of the course. You’ll learn groundwork for how to stay balanced in your parenting approach and stay in a productive and positive mindset


9 Videos: This section will teach you skills to “add in” to your daily parenting routine, regardless of your child’s behavior. Don’t worry – we teach even the busiest of families how to make this happen. These are skills that are crucial for preventing negative behaviors from ever occurring. Bonus: You’ll have a better, more connected relationship with your child as a result


5 videos: After using the skills from the “Additions” section, you’ll find that your child’s positive behaviors will dramatically increase. However, they are humans, and will still have hard moments. The skills you learn in this section will help teach you what to quickly do at the first sign of meltdowns or non-compliance, to quickly flip your child’s mood and behavior!


9 videos: In this section, you will learn how to respond to meltdowns, nasty attitudes, non-compliance, and sibling fighting once they do occur. We won’t just teach you how to stop those behaviors, we will also show you how to instruct your child what to do differently next time. This will continue to shift the tide so that your child’s positive choices become prevalent!


We also include several printable (or screen save-able) resources that you can refer to as needed. You will learn how to have productive dinnertime conversations, use calming down strategies on-the-go, and reference our model whenever needed!