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Are you raising a child between the ages of 1-12? This is the only course you need!

Parenting 101 was created by two child psychologists, and is based on decades of parenting research!

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We are Dr. Jordana Mortimer and Dr. Erin Avirett

We are child psychologists with over 20 years combined clinical experience. 

We are also moms. With 5 kids (Jordana has 2, Erin has 3) between the ages of 3 and 13, we get it.

Let us help!


Our video parenting course is ideal for caregivers who... 

  • Have children between the ages of 1 to 12
  • Want to learn positive parenting strategies that work
  • Want a better relationship with their child
  • Want to know how to stop negative behaviors in their tracks

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  • The course consists of 27 short (1 to 10 minute) videos
  • At just 1.5 hours of video content, you will learn all of the research-based strategies we teach clients in our private practices (and use in our own homes!)
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Scientifically Proven Strategies 

Our foundational course, Parenting 101, is divided into three sections, called ARC, which give you concrete tips to prevent negative behaviors, helps you avoid escalating behavior, and teaches you to calmly and efficiently give consequences, when needed.




This course is specifically designed to not be overwhelming. Our videos get straight to the point and teach strategies you can implement immediately. And, every strategy we teach is based on decades of research. 

Buy Parenting 101 ($129 USD)

Learn a Real Life Parenting System That Helps Make Really Great Kids into Even Better Adults

Our Parenting 101 Course will help you bloom into the parent you have always wanted to be.

      • Learn to minimize meltdowns
      • Decrease tantrums
      • Take the “non” out of non-compliance
      • Cut down on sibling fighting
      • Reinforce a positive relationship with your child
      • Help your child communicate their feelings
      • Increase your child’s ability to listen
      • Empower yourself to handle challenging behaviors at home or in public

This course will teach you foundational skills that are backed by research to address most behavior. These techniques empower you as the parent to handle the situation while remaining calm and in control. Think of this course as new tools for your parenting toolkit. We promise there is something for everyone!

With lifetime access to Parenting 101, you'll be able to refresh your skills whenever you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What parents are saying...

Bethany W.

This parenting course is a must! The videos are short, making them easy to fit into a busy schedule. The videos are clear, concise, and include practical strategies that apply to all ages.

As a mother of 4 and 9 year old daughters and an 8th grade teacher of 9 years, I've been able to practice these strategies in a wide variety of real life settings and situations. And they really work!

Mind and Child focuses on what all parents want - actual solutions that address the root of undesirable behaviors and have the big picture in mind, rather than quick fixes that are ineffective in the long run. We need simple, practical ways to shape our children into problem-solvers who can effectively communicate their needs and navigate their emotions. This course does exactly that and will help our kids evolve into thriving, independent adults.


Jackie W.

The Mind and Child course is an extremely valuable resource and one that I am so grateful for as a parent and home educator. The broad message is encouraging and the ARC metaphor (Additions, Redirections, Corrections) is easy to remember. The examples used to teach each parenting skill are relatable and practical and many of them are new to me, including a new way to time-out and time-in! I have four kids, ranging from 9 months to 12 years, and I found many useful tools to help me parent each one of them.

Dr. Avirett and Dr. Mortimer structured this course so that it is easy to follow and packed each video with meaningful content. The short and informative videos are great for busy moms, I was able to really dive in for the amount of time that I had each day, and I was able to easily tailor my time commitment without feeling lost in the discussion when I picked it back up. I highly recommend Mind and Child for moms in any stage. I've read a lot of parenting books over the past twelve years and I found this course unique and extraordinarily useful!

Kelly T.

I found that these videos gave me the knowledge to translate the actions and reactions of my children into healthy responses which will, in turn, improve their emotional health and the health of our family unit. I am better able to anticipate my children's needs of me - a good listener, one to provide firm boundaries, a calm leader as they try to understand all the emotions running through them. These videos provide so many tools that can be applied immediately to start building a strong foundation for our children. These videos can provide relief to parents who are struggling to try to translate the actions and words of their children. These skills that we learn in the videos will help develop healthy relationships with our children that will lead to each child having healthy relationships with their siblings, friends, and as they grow into adults.

These videos are a breath of fresh air to a struggling parent. They provide peace of mind and hope!

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