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Our research-backed courses were created by child psychologists and are ideal for parents of kids between the ages of 1 to 12

Practical parenting

courses from child psychologists


Meet Dr. Erin Avirett and Dr. Jordana Mortimer

We're child psychologists with over 20 years of combined clinical experience. We have worked with thousands of families to help them become the parents they always wanted to be!

We are also moms (Erin has 3 kids; Jordana has 2). We understand that you may not have the time or energy to "gentle parent" your child out of every hard moment.

That's why we have created easy-to-implement, straight-to-the-point parenting courses. In each of our courses, we give you tips and tricks you can start using immediately.

Plus, all of the information in our courses is based on decades of parenting research. This stuff works!

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Our courses

Each of our courses are based on decades of parenting research, our practical experiences working with thousands of struggling families, plus our knowledge gained from parenting our own kids over the  past 13+ years.

There are two options for buying courses. You can purchase our flagship course, "Parenting 101" or our ultimate tantrum workshop, "How to Temper those Tantrums" individually. This gives you lifetime access to the course of your choice.

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Parenting 101 Course

The ultimate parenting course for parents of kids between the ages of 1 and 12.  You will learn child psychologist-approved, effective tips that will help you stop yelling, communicate clearly, and get your kids to listen.  Get ready to transform your home!

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 Tantrums Course

Get ready to stop tantrums in their tracks! In this 45-minute mini-workshop, Dr. Erin will teach you why tantrums happen, how to prevent them, how to ward them off at the first signs, and what to do mid-full blown tantrum. This course is ideal for parents of kids between the ages of 1 to 7. 

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Body Boundaries

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