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Parenting is hard, but, we are here to help! We've boiled decades of research, over 20 years of clinical experience as child psychologists, and the real world wisdom that only comes with being a parent, into easy-to-digest parenting tips. Click "Visit Store" below to start transforming your home today!

A Practical Parenting Course From Child Psychologists 

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Mind & Child is a practical parenting community guided by two child psychologists offering easy-to-implement parenting strategies that address negative behavior while equipping you with tools to empathize with and better understand your child.

"As child psychologists and moms ourselves, we know you are busy. We don't like 'fluff' or 'passing parenting trends.' We want to give you easy, usable, research-based parenting tools that you can start using right now!"

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Ready for less tantrums, meltdowns, outbursts, and bedtime battles? Our course, and online resources, give skills you can use today!

I want to transform my home!

We have created a curriculum designed to help parents just like you, based on years of research in child psychology. We teach universal skills that stand the test of time and work with most children. We want to help you fill your parenting “toolbox” with strategies you can remember easily and use in any situation.

As parents, we are all short on time and we understand that. We would urge you to consider this an investment in your parenting skills. Spend time developing these skills now, and spend less time managing “problem behaviors” later. Short term investment, long term benefits!

Our primary goal with this parenting course is to equip you with practical parenting strategies to help you empathize with and understand your child while efficiently teaching them life-long problem solving skills.

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Scientifically Proven Strategies 

Our parenting 101 course is divided into three sections, called ARC, which help establish a firm foundation, provide strategies to avoid escalating behavior, and support you as a parent to teach your child life-long problem-solving strategies. 




Our Parenting 101 Course is divided into three sections which establish a firm foundation, provide strategies to avoid escalating behavior, and support you as a parent to teach your child life-long problem solving strategies. We refer to these sections as ARC. 

Our parenting course uses a three-tiered approach to parenting: establishing a strong connection, opportunities for correction, and teaching lifelong skills. We believe that focusing on developing a child’s problem-solving skills will minimize your need to constantly intervene while improving negative behaviors, which will build your relationship over time and allow your child to grow into a well-balanced adult who has strong relationships with others.

Don’t feel overwhelmed! Our videos get straight to the point and teach strategies you can implement immediately. Watch as many as time allows, even if that’s just two minutes!

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Let us help you bloom into the parent you have always wanted to be! You will learn how to:

  • Minimize meltdowns
  • Decrease tantrums
  • Take the “non” out of non-compliance
  • Cut down on sibling fighting
  • Reinforce a positive relationship with your child
  • Help your child communicate their feelings
  • Increase your child’s ability to listen
  • Empower yourself to handle challenging behaviors at home or in public

While we might be experts on most children, only you are the true expert on your child.

Ready for a more peaceful home?

Learn more about how you can be the best possible parent by incorporating our research-backed methods from our videos into your home today!

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